Things You Should Do After Accepting a Job Interview

Write down the key points from the interview

This must be done immediately after the interview while it is still fresh in your mind. Write down any key points that were covered or big questions that were asked, as well as your answers. This is especially important in the first interview, as you may be asked similar questions again in subsequent interviews. Rather than giving the same answer again, you can add on to your previous answer and tell your interviewer that it is something you’ve been thinking about since the first interview.

In addition to writing down the material that was covered, you should look at it with a critical eye to identify what went well and what didn’t. Take this information and use it to practice and improve for your next interview. Analyzing your interview will help you identify any areas that you need to improve on, and will make sure you don’t forget any important details from the interview.

Be patient

Waiting to hear back from a company after you’ve interviewed can be incredibly stressful. Remember that everything takes time, and it is all part of the process. It is easy to keep replaying the interview over and over in your mind, but doing that too much will only lead to frustration. The more you analyze something, the more critical you become. Add the stress of waiting and not knowing to the mix, and before you know it you’ll have found a hundred things you think you did wrong in the interview. It is best to analyze once or twice at most. Send your follow-up messages. Then, try to relax knowing that you did everything you could.

Keep up the search

Even if you “killed it” in the interview, do not quit the job search. Nothing is guaranteed in an interview unless they made you an offer on the spot. If that interview went well, and you think you’d fit in well with that particular company, look at their competitors in the area and see if they’re hiring.

Notify your references

Having suitable references is going to be essential for your job search. You don’t want them to feel like they’re being cold-called by your potential employer. So, if you haven’t already, alert your references that they might receive a call or email. Summarize your case for the job and add in any points you want them to stress in their recommendation.