Case Studies

Budget Book Narrative Reporting



Region: United States of America


Team SFA developed and supported the implementation of Narrative Reporting modernization on Capital and Operating Budget Books. Automated release of accessibility compliant budget books based on proposed and approved budget cycle closures housed in Hyperion budgeting, operational metrics on actuals, expenses, revenue, accounting and financial reporting

Objectives and Challenges

  • Objectives: Legacy budget book publication migration to Cloud Based Narrative Reporting application for capital and operating budgets
  • Challenges: Multi-billion dollars capital and operating budget formulation; manual reporting on operational metrics and measurement; complex review and approvals on budget book content by chapters; complex integration and reporting with Hyperion and Enterprise applications; automated data integrations with multiple sources (on-prem, cloud and third-party apps)


  • Integrated capital and operating budget book preparation, review and approvals within Oracle Narrative Reporting/EPRCS
  • Real-time narrative reporting on budget books for proposed and approved budget cycles
  • Accessibility compliance on budget book publications
  • Streamlined and centralized budget book content formulation, preparation and review/approval of budget publication year-after-year
  • Exceptional graphical user interface, workflows and reporting using modern state of the art technology framework


  • Real-time narrative reporting on capital and operating budget book publication through integrations
  • Streamlined workflow and application security management for content review and approvals for publication
  • Accessibility compliance on budget book publication for digital transformation reporting
  • Reusable and configurable reporting framework for proposed and approved budget cycle

Products and Technology

  • Oracle EPRCS/Narrative Reporting
  • Hyperion PSPB
  • Essbase
  • Oracle OAS
  • Batch Scripts
  • Cronjobs
  • Financial Reporting
  • Microsoft Office Products
  • Oracle Exadata