Case Studies

Corporate Cashflow Management Automation


Real Estate

Region: Americas, Europe and Asia


A world’s leading real estate company operating in Americas, Europe and Asia managing multibillion-dollar real estate programs globally automated corporate cashflow management with inter and intra-banking transactions, investment/debt and cash reconciliation reporting using PeopleSoft Cash, Deal and Risk with multiple currencies, banks, counterparties, and in-house banking

Objectives and Challenges

  • Objectives: Automate cashflows and in-house banking, implement daily cash position, forecast and reconciliation through automated real time banking and counterparty integrations and reporting/dashboards
  • Challenges: Global implementation with multi-currency and large volume; Cross-border regulations; Cash positioning with multiple time zones and rollups; intra-day/inter-day transaction flows with limited downtime; Complex reporting and reconciliation; Intercontinental project stakeholders


  • Integrated real time cash management solution with cash, deal and risk using enterprise resource planning application investments
  • Inter-day/Intra-day cash positions and forecasts, transfers, investments, debt, derivatives and risks – all managed under one platform
  • Unified cash position security based on country specific user provisioned roles and responsibilities with data segmentation
  • Streamlined cashflow management with multiple payment methods with workflow and audit controls enabling cash and deal reporting
  • Automated daily bank statements, cash pooling and in-house banking


  • Automated global bank statement processing across enterprise, eliminated human intervention, enabled data privacy compliance
  • Improved visibility, control and risk management functions
  • Actionable insights on cash, investments, debts and derivatives
  • Global cash management and in-house banking reduced borrowing costs through real-time cash positions/forecasts
  • Automated compliance reporting and audit management through centralized managed support and services reducing labor costs

Products and Technology

  • PeopleSoft Cash
  • Deal
  • Risk
  • Payables
  • Receivables
  • Real Estate
  • Assets
  • Maintenance
  • General Ledger
  • Payroll
  • PeopleTools
  • Batch Scripts
  • Dynamics
  • Microsoft Office Products
  • Cronjobs
  • Business Objects
  • Data Encrypt
  • Essbase
  • ODI
  • Data Guard