Application and Reporting Services

The Information Technology landscape is complex and growing more so every day. Hiring, training, and retaining qualified staff adds to the complexity and makes providing consistent quality IT services even more challenging.

As your IT needs evolve and the demand for enhancements grows, you need a partner who shares your vision of success in a tech-based economy. That’s where our more than 20 years of experience in IT applications and reporting can help you achieve your business goals with our Vision-To-Value approach. We are with you every step of the process helping you do the right things right.

We support complex enterprise IT landscapes and architectures through modern technologies. Our flexible structure allows us to build reliable partnerships with customers, partners, and third-party teams. We’ll help you turn your enterprise applications vision into true digital innovation and business success.

Application and Reporting Services Offerings

We offer end-to-end services to perform COTS (Commercial-Off-The-Shelf) application services, both on-premises and cloud-based, based on pre-defined KPIs. Getting the right job done right allows us to transform your COTS solutions into digital innovation.

We support Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, and many other enterprise applications through our center of excellence in application services.

  • Finance, Human Capital Management, Payroll/Time Capture Management, Supply Chain Management, Project Costing and CRM Application Assessment, Implementation, Upgrades, Migration and Maintenance
  • Capital/Operating Budgeting and Forecasting Application Support Services
  • Funds Management and Contract Life Cycle Management Solutions
  • Treasury Management Solutions – Investment, Debt and Derivatives Execution, Accounting and Reporting
  • Integration Support and Services
  • Business Intelligence Reporting and Dashboards
  • Program/Portfolio Management for Application Services
  • Managed Services (on-prem and cloud) for Enterprise Applications
  • COTS Application Quality Assurance Services

Increased profitability, availability, and efficiency are just a few of the ways you and your customers benefit from web applications. You need to engage with your increasingly-connected customer base and web apps are the key to enhancing those relationships for superior customer satisfaction. Our web application development support enables your enterprise resources to interact and communicate across your digital landscape, services and customers.

Our experienced web application experts create native mobile apps for Android and iOS. We create solutions that are scalable, accessible, and secure. Our services are powered by quality assurance, accessibility compliance, and performance monitoring.

  • Web Application Design/Development Support Services
  • Web Portal Assessments and Migrations
  • Mobile Application and Workflow Services
  • Governance, Compliance, Risk and Accessibility Support
  • Document Repository Management
  • Geospatial Reporting and KPI Measurements Monitoring
  • Third-Party Data Integration Support and Reporting
  • Web Analytics and Performance Monitoring Support Services
  • Web and Mobile Application Quality Assurance Services

In today’s data-driven market, reporting and business intelligence have never been more accessible or more necessary. Gathering data may be more accessible than ever, but understanding its implications takes experience.

Our experienced team offers application reporting and business intelligence tools to instill a data-driven culture and support COTS and web/mobile applications for both IT and business users to help you measure and exceed KPIs.

  • Application Lifecycle Management Support Services
  • Project Portfolio Management and Reporting
  • Helpdesk and Incident Management Services
  • Change Request and Release Management
  • IT and Business Applications Training
  • Regulatory Compliance and Audit Support Services
  • Program and Communication Management Services
  • Application Performance and Cybersecurity Threat Monitoring

Your IT to-do list never gets any shorter. From the end-user experience to integration with back-office functions, your applications need to run at peak performance with optimal efficiency. Ensuring functionality and scalability in your enterprise applications is the key to success. But can you staff it?

Our experienced cross-functional IT professionals serve as an extension of your internal team, providing the full range of IT needs from incident and change request management to releases and updates, including training, compliance/audit support, and program and communication management.

  • Application Lifecycle Management Support Services
  • Project Portfolio Management and Reporting
  • Helpdesk and Incident Management Services
  • Change Request and Release Management
  • IT and Business Applications Training
  • Regulatory Compliance and Audit Support Services
  • Program and Communication Management Services
  • Application Performance and Cybersecurity Threat Monitoring

Modernizing your legacy systems is not just a technical challenge. It’s also a management challenge. What sounds easy in a board room, is not so simple to build and implement. Our IT professionals are experienced at management strategy assessment, implementation and maintenance.

We work closely with your IT and business leadership to assess and implement modern solutions including cloud, mobile, and IoT with minimal disruptions and maximum output.

  • Hosted or On-prem Legacy Systems Modernization
  • Legacy “Life and Shift” to modern applications and integrations
  • Re-engineering Support Services for goals realignment
  • Re-factoring Support and Services
  • Re-platforming and migrating to modern technologies
  • Re-architecting existing and merger/acquisition support services
  • Legacy Replacement and Retirement Assessments and Implementation Services

Workflows don’t always flow smoothly. You’ve got applications designed by a variety of vendors that you’re trying to connect across your digital landscape and third-party applications. Data silos slow your information flow and prohibit your data-driven culture. While each piece of the IT puzzle works well, getting them all to fit together to enhance your business processes, establish regulatory controls and gather business intelligence requires a deep understanding of the integration challenges you face.
Our skilled, experienced IT professionals work in cross-functional and technical teams to provide modern integration options for your secure and transparent digital transformations with measurable controls and analytics. We ensure the integrated system provides optimal response time, security levels, and data quality for increased efficiency and enhanced user experiences.

  • Enterprise Business Process and Integration Support Services
  • Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Services Management
  • External and Internal Integrations with modern and legacy applications, encryption, and space management
  • Master Data Management and Data Quality Assurance
  • Shared Data Repository and Performance Management

Growing new opportunities isn’t always the first thing you think of when considering all the risks your systems face. However, well-managed risk allows you to protect your valuable assets while continuing to work securely and efficiently toward your business goals. You have a lot on your plate from both internal and external threats. You work with numerous systems, all of which present unique opportunities for risk as well as reward. We want to help you get to the reward sooner and safer.

Our certified security experts can integrate seamlessly with your team, or allow you to offload security services entirely to us. Our IT security experts understand that helping you move from vision to value with your work means we need to provide seamless coverage for your business functions, user provisions and application integrations. We have deep knowledge and experience in enterprise digital assets as well as COTS and Web/Mobile applications. We extend our security programs into governance, risk and compliance management and reporting, merger and acquisition assessments, security policy development, and cybersecurity maturity assessment.

  • Application and Repository Configuration Management
  • Schedule Monitoring and Support Services
  • Scan Management
  • Vulnerability Monitoring and Remediation Support
  • Application and Infrastructure Penetration Testing
  • Governance, Compliance and Risk Management
  • Compliance Reporting and Cybersecurity KPI Measurements

Ensuring your systems run effectively and efficiently is critical to providing business assurance. In today’s technology-based economy, IT quality assurance is the center of any successful strategic business plan. Ongoing support and maintenance are front and center, but keeping systems updated and in tune with your competitive environment and making improvements in technology are equally important. Documenting all of this maintenance and change is yet another seemingly routine process, but one that can often get pushed to the side; creating dread when it’s time for an audit.

Our comprehensive quality assurance services offer you the peace of mind that comes from knowing certified, experienced IT professionals are taking care of testing (supervised, semi-supervised or autonomous) and validation of your critical routine maintenance and upgrades across your digital landscape. We generate digital quality assurance artifacts to support your internal and external audit controls for the digital asset conformity with their stipulated requirements. Beyond that, we’ll make recommendations to ensure your systems are modern, secure, and well-documented.

  • Quality Assurance for Application Implementation and Upgrades
  • Functional and System Integration Testing Support Services
  • Application and IT Infrastructure Usability Assessment and Improvements
  • Application and Infrastructure Performance and Security Testing Solutions
  • Compatibility Testing and Release Testing Support
  • Independent Verification and Validation Support Services
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