Case Studies

Manufacturing and Cost Management Automation


Defense and Security

Region: North America and Europe


A global company serving the defense, federal, and commercial markets with innovative solutions for the ground tactical, airborne and avionics, naval/maritime, and security domains automates their manufacturing and cost management solutions using enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications supplemented by SFA’s solutions for manufacturing and cost accounting

Objectives and Challenges

  • Objectives: Digital transformation on global manufacturing and cost accounting management through enterprise resource planning applications
  • Challenges: Complex global procurement and stock management; convoluted labor, materials, and overheads; large bill of materials and nested product structure; sensitive infrastructure management; encrypted document management; multiple product revisions; multi-billion-dollar make/buy procurement; thousands of global vendors and priorities; multi-tier inventory


  • Integrated manufacturing and procurement business processes within the ERP applications including integrations with suppliers for JIT Inventory
  • Automated Order To Promise and Inventory Management with auto-replenish functionality
  • Cost accounting based on product versions and bill of materials with multi-tiered procurement options
  • Document management and retrievals for shop floor manufacturing and warranty support
  • Realtime cost accounting solution within the ERP application by product lines


  • Integrated cost management and accounting solution across all product lines with real-time integration to general ledger
  • Optimized performance in cost breakdown structure on products with thousands of embedded parts and services
  • Integrated manufacturing, shop floor and inventory management
  • Integrated product versions and engineering documentation updates, reviews, and approvals for effective cost management

Products and Technology

  • PeopleSoft Supply/Chain, Financials, Procurement, Red Pepper, Cost Management, Order Management, General Ledger, Inventory
  • SQL Server
  • PeopleTools
  • Microsoft Technologies
  • JavaScript
  • Cronjobs
  • Documentum
  • PGP
  • Adobe
  • Business Objects