Case Studies

Requisition Automation for Procurement Management


Real Estate

Region: United States of America


A leading housing agency automated their multi-billion dollar procurement processes such as corporate solicitation, requisition, purchasing and payable functions for goods and services with enterprise resource planning extensions through scalable, configurable, measurable and workflow-based architecture and modern integrations with huge operational savings in labor, cost and time.

Objectives and Challenges

  • Objectives: Implement automated comprehensive procurement functions through enterprise resource planning applications extensions
  • Challenges: Multi-tenant integrations with suppliers and vendors; extensive discount and volume vendor-tiers; complex matching and electronic receipt processes; multiple payment methods, banking counterparties and settlements; diversity programs driven procurement; multiple integrations with recurring purchases on goods and services; complex onboarding IT services programs


  • Progressive release on procurement functions and reporting automation with extensive document management automation and workflows
  • Scalable architecture on procurement function for multi-billion-dollar cradle-to-grave purchase program management with total transparency
  • Roles-based application authorization across the corporate procurement functions with department level and procurement type level security
  • Streamlined Return-To-Vendor (RTV) and supplier credit management for post procurement functions
  • Implemented workbench approach for goods and services procurement


  • 12% cost savings and 15% faster end-to-end services procurement
  • 10% cost savings and 20% faster on recurring goods and office supplies procurement through auto-sourcing and price/volume limits
  • Metrics and measurements through procurement workbench, dashboards and reports across corporate procurement KPIs
  • Centralized procurement policy driven document repository
  • Standardized compliance reporting with actionable insights
  • Electronic data exchange across technology suppliers and inventory

Products and Technology

  • PeopleSoft FSCM and HCM
  • HP Quality Center
  • Microsoft Office Products
  • Adobe
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • XML Publisher
  • Oracle
  • EDI
  • Documentum